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Find the options of Car rental in France. Information for rent a car with Naniko

France is disposed in the Western Europe and has the borders with number of European countries, in addition, the Principality of Monaco which is an independent state and located on the Mediterranean shore, banded by France. The country has 64 million inhabitants. In addition, France has a Mediterranean littoral and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the channel La Manche. While the north and west regions are covered with lowland areas, close to the center there are mountain areas, part of the Pyrenees mountain range and the Alps with the highest peak of Mont Blanc. In France dominates a temperate climate.

The most affordable and effective way to travel with the maximum comfort is to hire a car in France, which before departure you can book online via, where offered a broad range of proposals and vehicles at economical prices.

Find available options of auto rental in France through a convenient system of Naniko!

After completing the process of reservation should expect an order confirmation within several hours, or you can directly contact with our operators by phone.

At the moment of car receiving we will make the rental contract, for which you have to provide with personal documents. Pay special attention to the fact if your documents meet the required standards in the country.

If your license of driver is issued in a language unreadable in a given country, for instance, in Russian, Chinese, Arabic or another, be sure to attach to the original license one of international standard.

In our autos you will be able to travel to neighboring countries, with the condition of having a special permission from our company.

In the range of extra services you can choose the option of additional driver, if you have the desire to share the experience of driving a car with your fellow travelers.

As a rule, there is an age limit for the lease, and in most cases, the tenant must be leastways 21 years old.

For the free cancellation or modification of the order do not overlook the request of two-day interval before the start of the lease.

Get the best rates with included taxes and insurance from Naniko for vehicle rental in France!

In addition to the magnificent capital city, in France there are many interesting destinations for travel and big cities. France is famous for its extraordinary cuisine and wines. This country has the greatest cultural heritage.

Among the most popular destinations it is impossible not to mention fashionable resorts of the French Riviera, Cannes, Monaco and of course, Nice and Marseille, placed in the heart of Provence Nantes, which is the greenest city in the country. Many people will be interested to visit Toulouse, known as the pink city because of the color of its buildings and mountain travel lovers will not miss the chance of a trip to the French Alps.


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