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Rent a car at the airport of Marconi of Bologna. Book your car rental from Naniko

The metropolis of Emilia Romagna, Bologna is the magic land of art, architecture, cuisine and traditions that can be compared to a real melting pot of humanity, where anciently were born and developed the common people and geniuses. This ancient university city deserves to be studied from the top and bottom, to the depths of its roots. Bologna presents visitors its own special beauty and picturesque landscapes, not only in the center but also in the more remote and inaccessible corners, which are easily reachable by car.

Visiting Bologna, be prepared to have your own transport to move independently and autonomously choose any vending routes. This is easily possible with the auto rented in Bologna Airport, it will save you from being dependent on public transport. This service is provided at low rates from the company Naniko is especially useful if you arrived at the Marconi airport which is placed seven kilometers from the city.

Choose a variety of routes with auto rental at Bologna airport in from Naniko and enjoy the trip!

The proposed rates are already include taxes and insurance costs, taking into account the civil liability, CDW and theft insurance.

Through our system, you can be done the order in the name of any person, but to get the car can only the tenant with the presentation of personal documents.

At certain times you can discover our special offers and promotions in which you can get a gift at the time the lease as one of the accessories, for example, a GPS navigation system.

At other times extras like navigation, seats for children, winter accessories and other additional services are required to order and pay separately.

There is an option of additional chauffer which is especially beneficial for those planning to travel over long distances, also to get a better relax in the trip. A second driver must also provide personal documents for making a lease contract.

An extensive range of our parkland will allow you to select the car that suits your tastes and needs.

Delivery of the vehicle be carried to the place of your arrival or at the address that you will specify in advance.

There are no extra charges if you need to cancel or change your order, adhering to a period of two days before the start date of the lease.

In a few clicks you will have a vehicle rented at the airport in Bologna, provided for you by Naniko!

Bologna International Airport, also known as the Borgo Panigale or as Guglielmo Marconi airport is disposed seven kilometers to the north of the city. It is easily reachable by car via the A14 or E45 highways, which also will take you to the city center.


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