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Car Rental in Berlin – Schönefeld airport. Information required to rent a car with Naniko

More than 20 years separate us from the time when the Berlin Wall fell and the city was rapidly and surely took the path of revival and, as it were born again. Thanks to multi-color combination of historical heritage and ultra modern trends, Berlin instantly became a place that attracts millions of visitors. You can visit the unique museums, elegant and upscale restaurants, have fun in night clubs or enjoy the pompous opera concerts.
This city is eight times bigger in scale than Paris, and if you are wisely planned your visit, you can achieve all that would like without problems, using a car rented from Schönefeld Airport. This convenient service provided by an international company Naniko help you make your tour from the top of the radio tower, which offers incredible views of Berlin and up to visit of the Reichstag, which presents the important milestone of Germany’s history.

Experience the emotional vibration of the past with the comfort of a auto rental at Schönefeld Airport from Naniko!

Upon the completion of your booking you will receive a reservation voucher with the relevant details of the order, which is important for the car reception and preparation of the rental agreement.
In the vast range of our vehicles, you will certainly be able to find a suitable car for your purposes. There are proposed various types of cars on the class and functionality, from economical small car and up to the elegant luxury models.
Although our prices are dynamic and can change depending on the different seasonal discounts or global market variations, the price provided for you originally comprising all taxes and the cost of auto insurance will not change as a result of any hidden costs, because we do not have them.
Terms of the fuel policy are usually regulated according full- full option, i.e. you take the car with a full tank and return similarly. In some cases, by clients desire can be used the condition of full – empty. In this case, the payment of a full tank is carried out at the time of withdrawal of the car.

Maximize the allotted time of travel via a vehicle rented from Schönefeld Airport, provided by Naniko!

Schönefeld Airport is 16 km away from the city and due to extensive renovation work and expansion in the coming years will be the only airport with the changes name. The construction of a new road that will connect the airport directly to Berlin is in process. There are 4 terminals that serve passenger and cargo traffic in all directions of the world. Transport communication with the terminals is carried out by the railway line on which trains start every half hour. In all the terminals there is a significant number of stores and restaurants, also the necessary range of services for travelers.

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