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Car Rental at the Airport Brno. How to rent a car at the best tariffs with Naniko

Brno is the second by its scales city in the Czech Republic after Prague. Just over a quarter of an hour is needed to get to the Brno Tuřany International Airport, which in its turn is the second busiest airport in the country. It was built in 1950 to replace the old airport in Slatina, but since 1980 the civil flights were minimized in favor of the military. Only after the global changes of 1989, the airport features have been restored and its role has become the leading in transportation.

To appreciate the most of your trip and explore in fullness the culture and traditions of the chosen area, the most rational solution would be to rent a car from the Brno airport. Most travelers who wish to enjoy the feeling of freedom on the typical roads and create an unforgettable experience of their trip choose such a reliable provider of services as the company Naniko offering the ideal conditions.

Wherever led your route, with auto rented at Brno Airport from Naniko for you will open the whole world!

The booking system on our website adapted for easy use and only by entering the date and the criteria you need for vehicle, you will get a list of available options.

From the moment of arrival and reception of the vehicle and throughout the term of the lease Naniko will provide you with the correct and trouble-free consequence of your route. In the case of unforeseen problems on the road we will provide operational assistance of our technical team.

To move around the city, in terms of fuel economy is good the compact cars, suitable for business meetings are the elegant sedans, for long way and better capacity we have convenient and reliable SUVs and minivans.

Our regular customers are automatically placed in the different bonus programs that we often have in a variety of specific periods.

We always strive to provide the lowest rates with included insurance costs and taxes. We do not have any unpleasant surprises of hidden costs.

With the provision of unlimited mileage you can save more and to master any itinerary.

Receive unparalleled comfort of vehicle rental in Brno airport immediately upon arrival, reserved via!

Brno Airport is a very modern and innovative complex, which focuses on the aesthetic qualities and the high level of service for travelers. In the information points can inquire on any interesting question about tourist routes, hotels and more. From the airport there are excellent transport connection to the city, however, the more comfortable is always a presence of a vehicle. In the halls of the terminal you can find all the desired, shops and best bars and restaurants.

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