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Ljubljana is the capital of independent Slovenia from 1991. The core of the town is a square Preseren, where in the center stands the statue of the national poet of Slovenia. On the hill above the town is dominate the castle, called the Ljubljanski Castle. It was well restored and the locals love to walk here in the evenings and visit other ancient fortress on Castle Hill.

Ljubljana is placed in the central part of the state, along the Ljubljanica river. It can be a pleasant stroll along the river, where there are numerous bars and restaurants.

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Booking can be easily implemented through our convenient system, and pay for the services is possible by credit card or cash in our offices.

In the majority of cases, the booking will be confirmed within a few hours after the completion of the reservation.

Cancel or modify the reservation can be free in compliance with the period of 48 hours prior of receiving the car.

Reservation Voucher is a document containing important information about your order, and consequently it is necessary to provide, together with other documents at registration of the lease.

In addition, you must have a passport and a driver’s license, which must meet the required standards.

Please note that copies of the documents are not accepted and must always provide originals.

With the given advantage of mileage without restrictions you are free to travel to any distance without having to incur additional expenses for the passed kilometers.

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In spite of the fact that Ljubljana is playing an essential role in the economy in the areas of pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industry, also increased its role in the service sector. It is also undoubtedly the financial center of the country. Corresponding the fact that more people are choosing for their travel Ljubljana, it should be mentioned that tourism has also become a thriving business here.

In Ljubljana is a well-developed public transport system, for the most part made up of buses. During the weekends and holidays the buses also operate at night time. Payment of travel takes place with an electronic ticket, which can be purchased from machines or kiosks.

Since Ljubljana is a small town, there is no traffic and the movement is not chaotic. In comparison with other European capitals, even during peak hours here is relatively quiet. On the streets, you can easily park your car for free and the place is easy to find, but you need to remember that in the central regions can leave your car for up to two hours.

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