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Find the best deals for car hire in Tartu Airport. Rent a car with Naniko

Tartu, overlooking the River Emajõgi, is the second in scale Estonian town. There are many attractions, extraordinary architectural style of the buildings and rich history, which attract thousands of visitors. By waterway you can take a boat trip and see the ship of Vikings Turm. If you’re a fan of winter sports, you can visit the Tähtvere Leisure Park, which provided excellent opportunities for ice-skating and skiing. Tartu is also famous for its shopping centers, where you can buy nice souvenirs and variety of products at very low prices.

Whatever your purpose of visit, you can spend time visiting the many places of interest in the presence of the car rented in Tartu Airport. Tranquil traveling on board of your car, you can move independently on any routes, without having to depend on taxis or buses.

Create your best tour with the help of better deals from Naniko on auto rental in Tartu airport!

By providing the lowest rates, with comprised all fees and car insurance, you also get free roadside assistance in case of unforeseen problems.

We provide winter tires in the cost of services, but other accessories, what are the snow chains, navigation systems, children’s car seats and more, you must book according to your needs, and you can pay on-site at our offices.

Our own fleet of vehicles equipped with modern models of vehicles with the highest standards of safety and comfort. Here you will find the cheap Mini, compact models, luxury and specialty vehicles, minivans, sedans and sports cars.

You can choose a car according to your preferences, focusing on even the smallest details like the number of doors, passenger capacity, automatic or manual gearbox, the petrol or diesel engine, etc.

The car will be delivered to you with a full tank of fuel, which means the return of car with the same amount of fuel, but you can select also the other options.

Get all bonuses and unlimited mileage for vehicle rental in Tartu Airport from the company Naniko!

Reola Tartu Airport is about 8 km away from the city and is the second largest Estonian airport. It is also referred as Ülenurme due to the name of the nearby village. Here are scheduled flights to different destinations. So, for example, a flight to Helsinki takes place six times a week. The airport was opened in 1946, and the new terminal was renovated in 1981. It has been improved as a runway and extended up to 1799 meters. In recent years, passenger flow reached a volume of about 23 thousand people a year.

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