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Leipzig is the second largest city of Saxony, and is famous for its centuries-old musical traditions, also for numerous and interesting fairs of books which are often held here. It is a place full of charm and specific characteristics which is located just 160 km from Berlin and achievable in just a few hours. In Leipzig there is the largest railway station in Europe, which is decorated with great taste and elegance. Starting the visit from Sachsenplatz, one can see many museums with interesting collections of art and German painting of the Middle Ages.

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In the central square of Leipzig you can see the statue of German poet and playwright Goethe, and behind it is a small building of the concert hall in the Baroque style. Augustusplatz, surrounded by a multitude of monuments, is amongst of the most beautiful town squares in Germany. There is also the University.

Thomaskirche was built on the site of the old monastery of the thirteenth century, and from that time it remains the center of attention for many reasons. On Friday evening or Sunday morning you can enjoy an incomparable organ music and singing of the church choir of St. Thomas, whose foundation dates back to 1212. It is a known fact that since 1723 Johann Sebastian Bach had spent his most creative years as choirmaster. His tomb is located directly in front of the altar. In addition, the walls of this church also remembered those big names in music, like Mozart, Mendelssohn and Wagner, who was baptized here in 1813.

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